Unisoya & the Beaulieu family

A perfect union between soybeans and local family traditions, not only for vegans or idealists, Unisoya tofu is also for meat eaters who want to do good by the planet as well as their stomachs.

Our tofu can be eaten on a pizza, in a vegetable stir fry or even as brochettes on the BBQ with a side of fries. In fact, the beauty of cooking with tofu is that its versatility is second to none. Whether you are a newbie or an inspiring chef-to-be, tofu is a simple and versatile ingredient to any meal.

Our family has been making tofu since 1986. Initially, we made tofu with our family grown soybeans as a hobby and, from father to son, our talent for making great tofu became our passion. At first people were reluctant, but we believed that one day they would adopt our products. Just like that, our family vision became a huge reality when tofu had finally made it’s way into Canada’s Food Guide. What a victory for tofu!

For over 30 years now, we have been perfecting our art to offer the best product without GMOs and trans fats. Our tofu masters grind the soybeans with water to make a drink which is then made into tofu by adding a coagulant.

During the multiple seasons to cultivate our know-how, we found the recipe that gives a firm tofu, rich in protein and very tasty. We use our own soybeans or those of our local partners to give everyone products that really come from here.

We are very happy to have over 40 employees among our large family and the family will continue to grow thanks to you. We contribute together to the well-being of our economy.

Let us unite for the future of our planet, and the well-being of our children!

Unite with Unisoya!